How to do French manicure at home?


French manicure is said to be created in Paris, France in the 1930s for fashion conscious women. The name ‘French’ symbolizes a treatment that is stylish. The white-tipped nail with a nude or pink overlay looked just fantastic. Almost every beauty salon does French manicures, but you can also do it at home quite effortlessly using the following steps.

1. Prepare your hands and nails

You need to exfoliate your hands first by massaging them with abrasive cream. Rinse your hands with water and dry them.

2. Filing nails

Your nails are fragile and so can crack. You should file your nail to keep them smooth over the round edges. File in one direction; from the outer corner to the center. You can use a nail file to make the nail surface smooth. Professionals use electric nail drills, and you easily get one for your nail tools set. Be careful with real nails and use light pressure.

3. Moisturize hands

Apply almond oil on your hands to moisturize them. Wrap your hands with a warm towel and keep it for 15 minutes. Remove the towel and push the cuticles with a rubber stick. Avoid using cuticle scissors as there is a risk of cutting your skin. Clean your hands with warm water and dry them off completely so that no traces of oil are left behind.

4. Apply base coat

Put on a base coat and let it dry. It helps to strengthen the nails. It makes the nail surface smooth also for a perfect look.

5. Apply nail polish

You can either have square shaped nails or round shaped nails. Drag a line along the upper edges of the nail for square shaped nails and follow the curve for round shaped nails. You must place your hand on a flat surface when applying nail polish so that your hands don’t shake. Then you must put on a translucent light pink nail polish to protect the white top. It will also give shine to your nails.

The French manicure is an everlasting trend. It is still one of the most popular services at any salon. It is an excellent way to look natural.

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