You must have your nails done at our Hotel Augustus Rome Saloon. You will enjoy a different nail care experience in a soothing environment. Here are the services that you can get from us.



It is a treatment for the natural nails and the hand. Manicure includes filing, shaping, cuticle treatment and massaging. You end the service by putting on nail polish of your choice.



Pedicure improves the appearance of your feet and nails. It can prevent nail diseases. Pedicure not only treats your nails but also removes the dead skin cells from the soles of your feet. You will also receive a luxurious hard surface treatment. You can just relax and have a lower leg and foot massage. Finish it off by putting nail color of your choice.

Nail extensions


If you have nails that easily break or crack, then you should invest in artificial nails. We will place a lightweight plastic to the tip of your nail. It will add strength to your nail. Then we will apply gel, acrylic or fiberglass on to of the extension to add extra strength and shine. We also provide maintenance or ‘infill’ services. It involves filling out the regrowth area of your nails. So, the gel is reapplied to make the nails look good.

Nail art


This service is very trendy now. You can decorate your nails with our wide selection of nail arts. You can choose something that matches your personality.

So, without delay, get your nails done in your salon. Just enjoy a unique nail care experience in a relaxing environment.