Three reasons why nail art is popular


Nail art has suddenly gained immense popularity. It has transformed manicure forever. From Hollywood celebrities on red carpets to sports stars in Olympics and musicians in award ceremonies, you will find everyone putting on their best nail art. Nail art involves painting and gluing of designs and studs on your nails. The look often enhanced with nail extensions. It started off in small local salons and soon became a huge business. Here are the top reasons why nail art is so popular today.

Fashion statement


Painted nails symbolize class and elegance. It has introduced unusual nail polish colors in the market like neon tangerine, steel gray, etc. Nail art now expresses individuality and creativity of a person.

Something unique


People admire the uniqueness of nail arts. You can go wild with your imagination. You can choose a beautiful pattern or some funny faces. You can use all sorts of colors and jewels on your nails. It is one of the cheapest form of accessory you can have to look different from others.



Women have become obsessed with nail polish. Styling your fingers with nail polish have become so popular that you can compare to the craze of diamonds that happened years back. Women are now always looking for something other than ordinary for their nails. Nail polish sales increased 67% in America due to the fashion of nail art.

Nail art is something that sets you apart from the rest. Just use your imagination and draw anything you want on your nail canvas. It is also a great fun activity that will make you happy and look good.

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